Adult Braces Experience

So about a year ago I got so fed up of the state of my teeth, I decided to grab my lady balls and do something about it.

I’d had braces previously and spent an agonising 2 years waiting for them to be removed. You’d think, after two years of fantasising about metal free teeth when the orthodontist said “Courtney, you need to make sure you wear your retainer every night or your teeth WILL move” I would of taken that advice and worn them religiously. Unfortunately 16 year old Courtney was a reckless takeaway eating, confused, foolish human being who’s main priority was her then boyfriend and the colour of her hair. WHO GIVES MARSHMELLOW HEADED TEENAGERS 3 GRAND WORTH OF DENTAL TREATMENT!? Crazy people. Anyway. Now we’re past the rambling. Here’s my experience of getting braces for the second time as an adult.

I researched a few places before hand and the types of treatments they offered. Clear brackets, classic metal medieval torture device looking braces, Invisalign, braces behind your teeth. Who knew private orthodontics had so many more choices eh? So I decided as I was 22 and not wanting to look like I wouldn’t be out of place hanging around the local corner shop with a bottle of white lightening, I’d go for the clear brackets.

I scheduled an appointment with the lovely Sarah at the Newport Orthodontic Centre and off I went on my orthodontic adventure (I think it was about £30 for a consultation). They made moulds of my teeth and did x rays to check the roots. They decided that because I’d had extensive work before hand that the best option for me would be classic metal braces due to the other types of fixed braces causing more trauma to the teeth than these when taken off. Because of the work I’d had done, the roots of my teeth were shorter than normal and extra trauma could cause tooth loss in the future if not careful. So I just accepted that I’d look 15 again for the next few months.

The braces hurt a lot more than I’d remembered. However I did do some research and apparently they do tend to hurt a bit more than when you are an adolescents. No idea of the science here but I’m guessing it’s something to do with the teeth being more stubborn to move?

My over all treatment cost £1600 (reduced due to the fact I’d be having them on for a shorter amount of time again due to not wanting to stress the teeth too much). It’s taken around 11 months but that’s because I missed one or two appointments and had to rebook. They’re finally coming off next month so I’ll do a post about the process and put some before and after pictures in.


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