Clothing on a Budget

Do you ever find yourself staring at your wardrobe (which is full of clothes) but shouting profanities at it because you have nothing to wear and have to be out of the door in five minutes? Well, I do. But I think I’ve solved the problem. And it might be me. So, I thought I’d […]


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Meeting people’s parents…

Story time. I’ve met a few people’s parents over the years. So here’s my ever awkward experiences of meeting people’s parents/grandparents. This weekend I went to meet my boyfriends mum for the first time. It was her birthday so he wanted to surprise her by turning up with no warning. I wasn’t sure if this […]

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OCD and Public Transport

Right, you definitely don’t have to have OCD to appreciate this one. Why is it that there are ALWAYS brown coloured stains on any form of public transport? It can’t all be faeces surely. Is there a whole group of people that can’t drink coffee without spilling it directly onto their seat? Anyway. Here’s a […]

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Can Money Really Buy You Happiness?

The richest people in the world, usually still want more. We’ve become a society obsessed with wealth and image. Wealth = power. Or so we are led to believe. Social media is full of entry level narcissism. Cars, designer brands, money, houses, the latest technology. And it’s not just adults. If you speak to children […]

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Adult Braces Experience

So about a year ago I got so fed up of the state of my teeth, I decided to grab my lady balls and do something about it. I’d had braces previously and spent an agonising 2 years waiting for them to be removed. You’d think, after two years of fantasising about metal free teeth […]

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