Clothing on a Budget

Do you ever find yourself staring at your wardrobe (which is full of clothes) but shouting profanities at it because you have nothing to wear and have to be out of the door in five minutes?

Well, I do. But I think I’ve solved the problem. And it might be me. So, I thought I’d share how I’ve managed maintaining a full wardrobe on a budget whilst not looking like I’ve just climbed out of a jumble sale. Actually, on second thoughts… I probably do look like a jumble sale but that’s more to do with my style. So I’ll share my efforts anyway.

1) Clear out all the clutter.

You’ll never know what you actually need if you don’t even know what you have. By cutting out all of the stuff you don’t actually wear or even want, it saves you a) time b) washing and c) thinking you have things to wear when in fact you don’t. By having a clear out you’ll then know what your missing or what you definitely don’t need more of.

2) Chose a few main pieces.

I HATE buying clothes and then going to wear them only to find that I don’t actually have anything to go with them. So by sticking to a few special items, that you can mix with a load of other things like basic T-shirt’s and shirts, it not only saves you money but also saves you the stress of matching things together.

3) Primark is the one.

So for the basics I was talking about in the last post, Primark is a god send. Where else can you come out with half a wardrobe full of clothes for £100. I’ll stock up on T-shirt’s, vests, cardigans even jeans. I recently wore a pair of mum jeans from here that I actually preferred to the top shop ones that are more than double the price.

4) Online Shopping.

There are so many inexpensive shops online that there literally is no excuse for not getting a bargain. Pretty little thing, I saw it first, misguided. Then there’s the sales pages. And when I was really skint I used to buy second hand branded clothing off of eBay and I swear sometimes you find some really funky stuff that you would never find anywhere else. I’m not quite on Sophia Amorusos level but I did find some cool stuff (if you haven’t read girl boss you should).

5) Buying timeless for longevity.

There are some things like boots for example that save you way more in the long run if you spend a bit more. For example, a pair of Dr. Martens might cost you around £135 but they’ll probably outlive you and your offspring.

6) Accessories.

This ones easy to save money on for me because I love those weird jewellery stalls you find in random markets. Am I at risk of a green kneck? Probably. But it hasn’t happened yet and they’re always really different to anything you’ll find in a shop that 12 other people you know are wearing. I also find it handy to have a few belts that you can chuck with anything… Especially if a dress becomes too big.

Happy organising.


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