Meeting people’s parents…

Story time. I’ve met a few people’s parents over the years. So here’s my ever awkward experiences of meeting people’s parents/grandparents.

This weekend I went to meet my boyfriends mum for the first time. It was her birthday so he wanted to surprise her by turning up with no warning. I wasn’t sure if this was cute or really stupid mind you but she was happy so we’ll go with cute. She’s also one of the funniest, laid back ladies I’ve ever met so that probably helped. Anyway we’ll skip past all the details. But after a few drinks, bare minimum sleep and waking up looking like I’d been involved in an overnight spiritual possession… I shoved a top on out of my bag and we went home. I’ll add here that I usually wear this top with a vest underneath. Now, I have no idea how long this was happening for. But it had probably been quite a while. I gave her a hug and looked down and low and behold my top had slipped down, in the worlds most unfitted bra. That’ll teach me for grab and go shopping. Yep, after trying my hardest not to do anything stupid for a day… I’d just flashed not only his mum, but probably half of Morrison’s.

Which got me thinking… Have I done worse? And the answer is YES. I once got so drunk at an exes house that I vomited on his Nan’s carpet and then into a sandwich box that his Grandad used for his lunch. I made a quick as possible exit in the morning, thieving the sick filled lunch box to dispose of. The boy at the time didn’t do his own laundry and so had his Nan wash every sick covered item in his bedroom. I’ve got a few more of these stories that won’t make it onto an internet blog but let’s just say. First impressions are not my specialty.


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