Can Money Really Buy You Happiness?

The richest people in the world, usually still want more. We’ve become a society obsessed with wealth and image. Wealth = power. Or so we are led to believe. Social media is full of entry level narcissism. Cars, designer brands, money, houses, the latest technology. And it’s not just adults. If you speak to children these days and ask what they want for Christmas they’ll come out with the latest apple products, gaming devices, clothes, handbags and make up. Named brands are seen everywhere flaunted through social media, even amongst those that are struggling to make ends meet. It’s marketing gold.

Advertising is insane. It’s drip fed to us everyday through things like Instagram, the home of self image. And it doesn’t just stop at material things. We’re now bombarded with cosmetic procedures, fillers, surgery. Photoshop and picture perfect lives, leaving people wanting to do better, to be better. Perfection is no longer seen as unachievable but something that can be reached if you just try hard enough. But why are we so obsessed with perfection? And at what cost?

People are so obsessed with these fictional lives. You go to concerts and the majority of people there record the whole thing on there phones. They aren’t in the moment. You can barely see because of the sea of phones held high in the air. We’ve become so desperate to be seen that we’ve become invisible. So much time is spent trying to convince others that a lot of peoples lives now look phenomenal but in reality they are left feeling empty.

Debt is rife, lending money, spreading costs. Anything to afford the things that we cannot actually afford. And how do you make money out of lending out money? Lending out money to people who can’t afford it and then whacking those charges on top to create a never ending income from other people’s insecurities and low income.

Buy this and you’ll be happy. Change this and you’ll be happy. Yes, we need the basics. Yes we need a steady income to be able to live. But we’ve almost forgotten that happiness doesn’t come from what other people think of us. Happiness comes from what we think of ourselves.


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